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Sankor Healthcare is a leading healthcare and wellness company with global presence. The company has a passion for innovation and a mission to redefine the healthcare scenario in India. Through our technology integration and holistic expertise, we aim for excellence in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry.

Our portfolio consists of all dosage forms in multiple therapeutic areas spread across various specialties. The company's broad spectrum of products, its cutting-edge Research & Development and its culture of service to customers, has help it to be a majorplayer in the market. The company's efforts remain directed towards capturing and developing novel therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs. Our products and services are based on our strong capabilities, in-depth knowledge and technical know how, advanced manufacturing and a strong sales and marketing team.


All these products should be within easy reach of the consumer backed by a continuous and new products, manufactured under strict quality control and as per W.H.O guidelines are just a few factors that contribute to our success.



Environmental pharmaceuticals refer to pharmaceutical drugs and their impact on the environment. When people take medications, some of the drugs can end up in the environment through urine and waste disposal. This can potentially have effects on aquatic ecosystems and wildlife Sankor Healthcare Pharmaceuticals takes great care of all things.



Health pharmaceuticals are medicines and drugs used to prevent, treat, or manage various health conditions and diseases. They are essential for maintaining and improving human health. Health pharmaceuticals are rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness before being approved for use by healthcare professionals Sankor Healthcare Pharmaceuticals takes great care of all things.



Safety pharmaceuticals, also known as safety medications, are drugs or substances used to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals in specific situations. These substances can include vaccines, antidotes, or medications for first aid and emergency situations Sankor Healthcare Pharmaceuticals takes great care of all things.

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